Monday, September 22, 2008

80th Birthday Party

Dean and Kathy
Kathy, Dean and Burgandi
Karen getting the food ready for the big party.
Karen and Burgandi

Backyard BBQ
The grandchildren hanging out.
Neighbors eating and visiting.
The SAFARI birthday cake. The store didn't have 80 candles that was probably a good thing.

Dean turned 80 this year!!! We celebrated his birthday with a few family and neighbors. The weather was windy but better than I thought it was going to be.

Celebrating 50 Years

Dean and Karen were married in August 9, 1958 in Las Vegas Nevada.

Sarah and Rickie Clegg.
Kathy, Sarah and Lyndsay.
Kathy and Amber out on the town or boat.

Mexico Trip

Burgandi, Amber, Suzanne, Eric, Dusty and Susie dressed up for dinner.
Amber, Eric, Kathy, Dusty and Susie all dressed up for dinner.
Cameron and Dusty Clegg.

Amber and Grandma and Grandpa Redd. Marilyn, Lyndsay and Randy Redd at dinner.

Grandma Redd and Riley on the deck of the ship.
Eric, Amber and Suzanne enoying the WIND.
Cameron showing off his SEXY and HAIRY chest. FYI 3rd place trophy winner.
The girls I don't know how to rotate so please tilt your head.
Cabo San Lucus Mexico.

Hunting Trip in South Africa

Here are a few pictures of Dean and The animals he shot on his hunt with Randy.

After the hunt Karen's T.V. room got a make over.